Tellabs FlexSym Series is here!
□ Symmetrical 10G XGS-PON and 2.5G G-PON simultaneous support
□ A more efficient and flexible means to design the enterprise LAN
□ Aligning network's speed, capacity, space, power and costs
□ And, a graceful migration to future higher speeds and greater connectivity
Access for today.
Connected for tomorrow.
For years, Service Providers and Enterprise customers have trusted Tellabs to help them deliver carrier-grade reliability and performance.
Tellabs Express 1131 Bundle
□ The perfect way to start your Optical LAN project.
□ Perfectly sized.
□ Perfectly priced.

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The Tellabs 1000 Multiservice Access Platform’s (MSAP) new IP-POTS VoIP plug-in card was recently featured in an article posted on…

A Solution that’s
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Tellabs is well positioned to grow a number of large and promising markets. Find a solution that is right for you below.

Enterprise Solutions

Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN) is a simple, scalable, stable and secure fiber-based enterprise network solution. It simplifies the design, build and operations of local area networks that continue to grow more complex. Most importantly, Tellabs Optical LAN delivers ultimate security in conjunction inherently more secure fiber cabling, centralized management that assures consistent policies and procedures and fewer points of network access vulnerability.

Broadband Solutions

Tellabs Broadband helps service providers converge, collapse and connect their access networks in a cost-effective manner that leverages existing approved equipment and infrastructure. Tellabs Broadband solutions can converge legacy analog services onto systems that have full support and options for fiber and Ethernet connectivity.

99.999% Reliability

48 Years Experience

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We have delivered carrier-class optical solutions to our telco customers for more than a decade. We are now expanding on that leadership, defining the future of networking across enterprise, government and telecom, keeping people connected today and, as the world continues to change, tomorrow.


Connecting is more than switches and cables. Connecting is expertise, applied.Whether it’s a home or hospital, corporation or college, hotel or high-security government agency, Tellabs has that expertise.


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